Intelligent blockchain financial ecosystem
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Adara is developing an algorithmically-driven cryptocurrency trading
platform that leverages the latest advances in security and tokenization.
The crypto exchange portion of the ecosystem is already available for use by
investors and is the first part of Adara’s seamless and robust financial solution.
Adara offers a financial blockchain ecosystem featuring a line of high-yield investment products combining the reliability of classic instruments with the convenience of digital assets.
Security is integral to the foundation of the Adara platform.
The Adara ecosystem offer exposure to fully-vetted altcoins, cryptocurrencies and asset-backed tokens, which are substantially more liquid than traditional investments such as startup technology companies, venture funds or the underlying assets themselves.
Adara’s employs the best legal advisors with specific expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrency and security, to ensure compliance with global laws and regulations.
Monetization of Real World Assets
Adara’s tokenization platform allows owners of physical assets to gain new liquidity by creating online assets with minimal costs for attracting investors.
Adara is creating a community of like-minded, passionate and smart investors that are on the cutting-edge of the digital asset revolution.
Adara’s blockchain technology implementation as applied to the investment process allows for tracking all investments and returns with maximum speed to the blockchain ledger.
Products and solution
The Adara Financial Platform incorporates all the elements necessary for the real-time investment, exchange and valuation of a wide range of existing cryptocurrencies and new ones backed by physical assets.

Our investing algorithm is designed to advise investors based on their specific risk tolerance and a balance between portfolio diversification and profitability.
Financial Technology Ecosystem
The investment structure of Adara will create massive network effects that can transform all existing instruments.
Portfolio companies can issue their own tokens which will be traded on the Adara platform
Crypto Wallet
Storing the leading crypto currencies (BTC, NEM, ETH etc) with the possibility of joining assets to the investment strategy of our crypto trading platform.
Crypto Trading Platform
Investing in crypto assets with maximum automatization of investment strategies.
Algorithmic Investing
Based on a ratio between «Open Analytics» and «Expert Community Assessments», this is the basis for the introduction of artificial intelligence into the investment process of Adara in 2019.
The Adara Crypto Exchange has already been developed and launched with a worldwide license obtained in the UAE.
Since 2011
the digital economy, financial technologies and tools become the priority for the team.
2014 — 2015
launch of russian investment show/program of work with regions.
launch of the accelerator iVenturer for Fintech projects, more than 200 companies passed the acceleration, 80% raised the seed rounds of investments.
development of an investment platform, under the management of assets worth more than $ 100 million, including the management of gold-mining assets with gold reserves of more than 20 tons with an annual production of at least 500 kg per year C1, C2
2015 - 2016
launch of corporate accelerated programs for Fintech and banking products.
the formation of BlockTalk - expert community of professionals and participants in the investment technology market.
finalization of the business idea of Adara, as a financial platform with a focus on investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
Adara Community voting mechanism
Creating an effective community of like-minded people is an important part of the philosophy of Adara on the road to a transition to a digital economy.

We will implement special motivational rating tools to create an active technology community that will give reputational signals for projects in real time, registering them in an open registry. Based on these rating tools, the artificial intelligence created by Adara will predict the change in the rates of crypto currencies and portfolio companies tokens.
Adara community registering signals in an open registry
Each review rewarded with Adara tokens (AAAs)
Based on rating tools investment platform