A regulated hybrid securities and digital assets exchange built for community driven algorithmic trading

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Fueling the transition of our centrally controlled financial system into the new decentralized digital asset economy with a hybrid exchange host to all types of digital assets.
Our exchange will seamlessly integrate algorithmic trading strategies developed by our community for all of our users for use in the centralized and decentralized exchanges.
Adara will focus on providing retail customers powerful trading tools in a simple and convenient interface.
Our highest priority is to ensure the safety of investor funds, this is why we are using NEM and AES-256 encryption.
Our goal is establish a marketplace for utility tokens and digital assets operating within the Swiss regulatory framework and compliant with global laws and regulations.
AI Investment Mechanism
The Adara AI algorithm is designed to advise investors based on their specific risk tolerance and provide a balance between portfolio diversification and profitability.
Our user interface is sleek, easy to understand and will allow traders and investors of any level to buy and sell digital assets.
The Adara ecosystem offers exposure to fully-vetted altcoins, cryptocurrencies and asset-backed tokens, which are substantially more liquid than traditional investments.
Adara is creating a community of like-minded, passionate and smart investors that are on the cutting-edge of the digital asset revolution.
Adara’s blockchain technology allows for tracking all investments and returns, giving investors insights they did not have before.
High performance
Our system is designed to be fully-distributed, highly available and auto-scalable, built on NEM 2.0 Catapult
Products and solution
The Adara Financial Platform incorporates all the elements necessary for real-time investment, exchange and valuation of a wide range of existing cryptocurrencies and new ones backed by physical assets.

Our investing algorithm is designed to advise investors based on their specific risk tolerance and provide a balance between portfolio diversification and profitability.
Community Marketplace
The Adara community will create and operate most all of the content generated on the platform. We want to make it easy for traders to connect, share ideas and receive payment for them.
Crypto Hybrid Exchange
Store the leading crypto currencies (BTC, NEM, ETH, etc.) with the possibility of joining assets to the investment strategy of our crypto trading platform.
Mobile and Desktop Native App
Designed for every major OS, traders will be able to access their Adara account anywhere, anytime.
Algorithmic Investing
Choose from a large selection of community made strategies for use in your own portfolio.
Launch of the accelerator iVenturer for over 200 Fintech projects, with investments totaling $20 million in seed funding.
Formation of BlockTalk, an expert community of professionals and investors into blockchain
2015 - 2016
Launch of the Russian investment show iVenturer Bazaar
Finalization of the ​​Adara business model as a financial ecosystem platform
Adara Community voting mechanism
Each member of the Adara community will have their own rating, determined by how much they share and their activity level.

We will create a registry of the investment and social activity of each Adara community member, giving them a rating that will not only affect the incentive system, but will create a true level of trust for all participants of the platform.

Governance + gamification + social + user generated content = Leads to Adara discounts
Adara community registering signals in an open registry
Users earn AAA tokens for content generation
Based on rating tools investment platform
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