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Trading fundamentals
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About this course

Before you start trading, you’ve got to understand a few fundamental concepts that can make or break your success.

These are so important that even the world’s best and most advanced traders lose money when they forget them - so don’t skip this part of the course.

Specific topics we’ll cover include trading systems, trading psychology, the difference between trading and investing, and common psychological mistakes that lead to losses.

But first, we’ll explain who trades crypto and why they trade crypto.

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Trading theory
Background information. Investing.
Psychology of Trading
How to maintain proper behaviour while trading.
Samuel McCulloch
Head of Adara Academy & Trading division. Professional crypto trader with experience in capital markets, options and futures trading.
Chapter 1
Who Trades, Why They Trade, and Investing vs. Trading
What's attracting a growing number of traders to the crypto space? In this lesson, we answer this question by covering the people and entities in the space, the difference between crypto trading and investing, and the overall benefits of the asset class.
1 video
8 minutes
Chapter 2
2 Ingredients of Trading Success: Systems & Psychology
Trading successfully is about doing 2 things: having an effective plan and executing it with discipline and precision. In this lesson, we explain why these things are so important by going over trading systems and trading psychology.
1 article
1 video
13 minutes
Chapter 3
Common Psychological Challenges & Misconceptions
A successful trader needs to be cool, collected, and disciplined. In this lesson we'll explain the psychological challenges that can make this difficult and suggest ways to deal with them.
1 video
8 minutes
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