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Technical Analysis Intro
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About this course

Technical analysis is the most popular way to inform your trading strategy.

In this section, we’ll cover multiple aspects of T.A. including patterns, indicators, signals, and more.

We’ll also explain how you can apply technical analysis to supercharge your strategy for better results.

But before we do all that, we’ll explain everything you need to know to start using basic charts!

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Technical Analysis Basics
Master technical analysis indicators, oscillators, chart patterns & candlestick patterns.
Indicator Based Trading
Read indicators effectively to improve your trading.
Chart-Pattern Trading
Learn how to use chart patterns to determine the next market moves.
Samuel McCulloch
Head of Adara Academy & Trading division. Professional crypto trader with experience in capital markets, options and futures trading.
Chapter 1
Technical Analysis - Chart Intro
Before we get into the finer points of technical analysis, you've got to be able to read a chart. This lesson shows you how.
1 video
8 minutes
Chapter 2
Technical Analysis Principles: Support and Resistance
Why is technical analysis effective? What makes it work? Find out by watching this video!
1 video
8 minutes
Chapter 3
Common Trading Indicators
Indicators are one of two main T.A. instruments. We explain what they are, how to use them, and give you a few examples of good ones.
1 video
8 minutes
Chapter 4
Technical Analysis Patterns
In this video we're going to look at another very important tool which is patterns. Patterns are an essential part of technical analysis. They give us visual clues that help predict what an asset price is going to do in the near future.
1 video
9 minutes
Chapter 5
Technical Analysis and Strategy
Technical indicators and patterns can be extremely useful. Having said that, they’re just tools. The degree to which they’re effective depends on how technical analysis fits into your overall strategy - and that’s what we’re about to discuss in this lesson.
1 video
7 minutes
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