I am not your trading guru: Ada...

I am not your trading guru: Adara Manifesto

Crypto Trading Education is a wasteland of quick profits, scam ICOs and malfeasant get-rich-quick schemes. These scores of charlatans calling themselves “crypto influencers” have injected themselves into positions of authority beyond their abilities. The boom times always bring out those who would exploit profitable situations for their own benefit. Armed with charts and cheap opinions they profit on the losses of their followers.

Ask yourself this question. Has your favorite influencer or exchange ever shilled a project for money? Posted trades claiming they entered after the move happened? Posted photos from papertrades? Are they more interested in showing off their wealth rather than their trades? Do they profit more from their students rather than their trading?

I’m Sam, Head of the Adara Academy. I’m not here to shill, sell you anything or to be your trading guru.

We built the Adara Academy to combat these dangerous people and serve as a paragon of trading education for all crypto traders and investor. In a few weeks, we will release foundational content that will serve as Adara’s core ideas and philosophies. After, we will begin daily live stream with a team of top traders providing key analysis and trade setups. We will also be publishing transparent and in-depth analysis on every coin, token and security listed on our exchange.

As the head of the Adara Trading Academy, my guidelines to achieve this are simple.

  1. All Content is Free — Adara will never charge users any fee to access our content. I believe that ideas must be accessible and open to all. All of our Academy videos from Newbie to Advanced will remain completely open for as long as Adara is operating. Adara will never publish paid premium content.
  2. We will always have Skin in the Game — Instead of just posting ideas and talking about future price possibilities, all discussions will lead to our Academy team determining whether they will use the idea to place a trade or not. All of our traders will publicly broadcast the percentage results for all of their trades, both wins, and losses. We will never hide behind a veil of secrecy, teaching certain ideas, but failing to execute on them.
  3. We serve our community first — After finishing the beginner and intermediate sections of the Adara Academy, we will begin live streaming daily. Our top traders and I will discuss markets and take questions from our followers to help them in their trading careers.
  4. Transparency — Our team will never take money to advertise or shill projects. If an Academy member is working on a project or has an advisory role, their interests/investments will be published and notice will be issued alongside any content.
  5. Performance matters — We want to highlight the best traders, analysts, and projects who are increasing the value of this sector as a whole and are operating at the top of their respective fields. Recognizing top performers is not just finding flash-in-the-pan upstarts, but identifying those with what Manager Sam Hinkie calls “the longest view in the room.”
  6. Test, Test, Test Again — We’ve collected years of crypto historical data and it will be available to our users to backtest and practice their strategies. We want both coders and non-coders to be able to test their ideas against the data and in a later release.

Armed with these the Adara Academy will strive to create the greatest repository of crypto trading education on the internet. I want every Adarian to benefit from our content and work. Trading is a lifelong discipline and it starts here at a point of truth. We are all extremely excited to begin this educational journey and I personally give all those interested an invitation to be one of the first to join as we roll out the first part of the Academy.

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