Adara is designed
to make traders

Social Trading
Successful traders can let others receive alerts or just “copy” all the moves they make in the exchange. Less experienced users can find traders they trust based on their public performance.
We’re making both trading and community interaction fun with a system of opt-in personal ranks and achievement paths, kept as virtual badges and displayed on each user's profile on the leader board. Users will acquire rankings based their overall Adara Reputation Score.
Android App
Superfast KYC with our Chatbot assistance. Activate 3FA Security via geo-tracking and biometric authentication.
Margin Trading
Pay a flat fee subscription in AAA tokens for unlimited trading of our leveraged products.
Choose a month to month or annual subscription, an option that is great for those who don’t want to worry about fees.
Move past buy and hold strategies and level up your trading with leverage on our spot markets.

Margin trading lets you increase your returns from daily market movements and also execute more complex trading strategies.
Public forum wherein users can meet each other, exchange ideas, gather around common interests and goals, post messages and vote. Users will be able to post public content, as well as gated paid content.
Adara's Library is a modular widget system for traders to be able to customize their workstation. Library content includes but is not limited to trading tools, algos, news, charts and studies.
Measure your trading performance and analyze all  price shifts in your asset allocations, alerts allow you to react quickly to changes and to rebalance your portfolio with just a few clicks.