Social trading Soon
Social trading Soon
Social trading Soon
Learn. Create. Interact. Share
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Adara library
Adara library is a widget repository that includes charts, order tools, analytical instruments, bots, news feeds, and more. Find the widgets you want and create your own user interface in minutes.
Fully customizable interface
Use modules to tailor the exchange to your needs. Drag, drop, experiment and create a set-up that works for you.
Check your portfolio. Track your results. Get daily analytical reports and forecasts from top crypto traders and analysts.
Space launch view
Save multiple setups and switch between them with a single click. Personalize your interface by adding, deleting, and customizing exchange widgets quickly and easily.
Free and open to everyone. Created by top crypto experts and thought leaders. Comes with a test exchange for testing strategies and tools.
Mobile app
Our mobile app uses geo traction and biometric authentication to secure your exchange account
Adara comes with a modular interface and a widget library. With these tools, creating the exact setup you want and need is fast and easy.
Product line for traders of all levels
Use Adara’s platform to create the content and the instruments you need to succeed. Code your own bots, create charts, and more - then share your content with other community members.
High level of User interaction
Adara isn’t just an exchange. It’s also a social platform where users can interact casually, use follow-trading to replicate experts’ trading strategies, and share knowledge and tools. Between this social element and multiple gamification features, Adara offers an unprecedented level of user interaction.
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