It used to be that the ways of cryptocurrency were secretive. No one knew how it worked, and it was all a big mystery. Things have changed since the beginning of the elusive digital currency market, and now there are thousands of ways to find a wealth of information in the subject.

Whether you’re a serious trader or you’re just starting out in the trading cryptocurrency market, chances are you still have a lot to learn. From questions like “What is cryptocurrency?” to “What is the best cryptocurrency to trade?”, if you want to subscribe to a blog with great information about all things crypto, look no further than a crypto blog or two on this list.


One of the most reputable sites on the internet for technology authority, Hackernoon has over 20,000 contributing authors, an average of 210 posts per month, and plenty of content curators to bring you the best cryptocurrency articles on the internet.

Hackernoon does the hard work for you. Their content curators search the depths of the world wide web for the most relevant information on any given topic and spoon feeds it to you in an easily digestible format. The average article is a six-minute read, meaning you can squeeze a little bit of learning in every day.

They post insightful articles and beginner material, so there’s something for every member of the Hackernoon audience. It’s one of the best cryptocurrency blogs ever published, and you won’t want to miss it.

Daniel Jeffries

Medium is a great place to read about anything and everything. Many of Medium’s contributors don’t write about technology at all, but Daniel Jeffries does. His Medium page is crammed full of 30-40 minute reads worth every bit of your time.

With only 3-5 posts per month, Daniel Jeffries enlightens and captivates his readers in creative ways by making crypto coins interesting. The content is of high quality and fun to read while relaxing with a cup of coffee.

Jimmy Song

For even more immersion into the depths of cryptocurrency, subscribe to Jimmy Song’s blog where he can translate even the most complex cryptocurrency subjects into something anyone can read and understand.

He takes an interesting approach to things about which only the incredibly tech-savvy developer would care. With three quick reads per month, this Bitcoin educator dives into the most practical problems facing crypto coins today and tells you why you should be taking notice.


Nobody knows who Nakamoto (the creator of Bitcoin) really is, but after you read this blog, you might think it’s Nick Szabo. He doesn’t post often, and when he does, you’re in for at least 30 minutes of in-depth publications.

However, this legal scholar, computer scientist, and cryptographer knows everything there is to know about cryptocurrency. You can also find additional reading material from Nick on the Faculty of Humanities and Nakamoto Institute. If you want to really learn something about crypto, this guy is your ultimate resource.

End of the Chain

Adara's Head of Academy Samuel McCulloch writes and publishes a podcast on this informative blog. Every week a new episode is released where he interviews some of the top minds in the blockchain space.

There are so many crypto blogs on the internet today that it would be impossible to create an exhaustive list. These are just some of the most intriguing. With some research, you’ll likely find plenty more that interest you.