2017 was the year the world met blockchain technology. 2 years on, the space has made large, meaningful steps towards mass adoption, regulation, and scaling. But what’s going to happen next?

In this article, we answer that question by going over some of the main trends we’ll be seeing in 2019


Security tokens are basically crypto coins that are backed by real-life assets. It doesn't matter if the asset is a commodity like a barrel of oil, real estate, or something entirely unique; STOs are versatile.

To date, nobody’s managed to issue STOs in a 100% legal way. However, several projects spent all or most of 2018 working towards doing so - including Polymath.

On our own side, we’ve been working towards making our exchange Security Token-ready and creating the legal assets we need to facilitate security trading.

This is all exciting news because regulation-compliant STOs may bring in hundreds of billions of dollars into the space as early as this year. Their ability to add value and digitize assets is going to be a big trend for 2019 (and beyond).

B. Institutional applications for crypto

NASDAQ has Bitcoin and Ethereum indices, but we’re still some way off seeing proven institutional applications for blockchain tech.

This looks to change in 2019 (and beyond). One reason is that so much of 2018 was dedicated to crypto’s consolidation, legitimization, and legalization. The platform for institutional applications is there; entities can now make meaningful use of blockchains.

Countries like Singapore and Taiwan have already made blockchain tech a national-level priority. Now, look to see more eubanks, insurers, financial institutions, etc adopt thee tech as its value for consumers and organizations becomes clearer.

C. Stablecoins

Stablecoins are crypto assets whose value is pegged to a real-life asset like the US Dollar. To date, the best-known stablecoin was USDT (Tether); a token famous for the scandals swirling around it as well as its large market cap (top 10 in crypto).

Now, however, other players are getting involved in the niche. From Facebook to Telegram to the WInklevoss Twins’ Gemini exchange, there’s a proliferation of new projects in the space.

In 2019, we’ll see how new entrants to the space - like Pax and Gemini - perform over time. We may also see new, exciting projects in the same time period and niche.

D. A possible bull run

The crypto space has not done well in 2018. Projects that raised money in 2017 continued development and made strides forward, bitcoin prices generally went down.

2019 may see a large bull run. It may not be as crazy as 2017’s, but since Coin has already exceeded $5,000 per token, the hope is definitely there.

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