The Adara Hybrid Exchange opens up the world of algrorithmic trading to all traders and investors, even if they have never used such products before. Anyone will be able to integrate sophisticated trading strategies with just a few clicks.

Our vision is to provide institutional level tools for investing into security tokens and digital assets, which have traditionally only been available to sophisticated investors.
Both a centralized and decentralized version of the Adara exchange will be availible to trade crypto curruncies on, removing the risk of a single point of failure.
Most of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges do not have all the necessary licenses to operate legally.
The Adara exchange has obtained security broker dealer licenses in Switzerland, for trading in crypto commodities in UAE and an exchange license in Estonia for crypto-fiat operations.
Numerous cyber attacks take place daily against crypto companies and investors. Hackers around the world are dedicating themselves to stealing crypto.
Our platform was built from the ground-up to be the most secure and hacker-proof. Adara stores crypto asset deposits in offline, in multi-signature wallets. Additionally, we are planning to provide hardware wallets to users of our platform.
Technical performance
Many exchanges have a poor API that cannot meet the growing demands of the rapidly evolving crypto market and ordinary users also have a hard time navigating trades.
Our trading platform can handle up to 10,000 transactions per second, opening up a wide range of trading opportunities for all types of traders.
In the current market buying cryptocurrency assets is daunting, if not frightening to the average individual and many exchanges and wallets are overly complex and intimidating.
Our world class product development team has created a simple, easy to use interface that any «main street» investor can understand immediately.
You can choose your favorite currency pairs, which will always be displayed on the screen.
News feed
The top crypto news stories, curated specifically for your portfolio.
Front panel view
Front panel view
You can save different setups of the front panel view
Trade notifications
Receive notifications from different trade operations
Summary information about the trading platform’s performance and strategies.
Algorithmic Trading
Easy access to the best investment strategies, using our artificial intelligence system.
Exchange features
Margin Trading
Users can opt-in to become margin trading loan providers and receive interest earnings with their asset deposits.
Follow trade platform
Discover the best traders on the Adara exchange and get access to their trades immediately, or even automate your portfolio to copy every trade they make.
Multi-currency wallet
Our wallet will allow users to manage all of their digital assets from one place, even across different exchanges.
High-Frequency Trading Server (HFT)
High frequency trading servers will be subject to an annual subscription fee depending on server traffic.
Crypto Wallet with AI-driven investment mechanism
Adara offers an advanced technical and secure solution for storing crypto assets. Users can choose algorithmically-defined investment strategies to manage all of their funds.
Adara Wallet
With over 1500 different crypto-currencies and countless securities, it can be daunting to determine what to invest into.
Our group of Experts vets and provides world class due diligence on every digital asset listed on our exchange.

Adara Coin Marketplace — a user-friendly interface, with a description of each coin on our trading platform and other recommended crypto assets.
Simple interface
Current crypto wallets focus on advanced users, they are not user-friendly.
Adara wallet’s interface is very simple — you can quickly and easily switch between wallet options and navigate through it with a few clicks.
December 2017
Beta test launch of the Adara Exchange.
July 2018
Public launch of Adara Exchange.
Q4 2018
Launch of crypto wallet.
Q1 2019
Crypto trading platform with automated investment strategies.
Q2 of 2019
Closed Beta test launch of next-generation AI investing algorithm.
Q3 of 2019
Public launch of next-generation AI investing algorithm.