The Adara Hybrid Exchange
is a fully customizable, highly secure, platform for algorithmic trading and investing in crypto assets.
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Our vision is to provide institutional level tools for investing into security tokens and digital assets, which have traditionally only been available to sophisticated investors.
Both a centralized and decentralized version of the Adara exchange will be available to trade cryptocurrencies on, removing the risk of a single point of failure.
Legal framework
Most existing crypto exchanges do not have all necessary licenses to operate legally.
Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Adara plans to operate through a stock exchange license under Liechtenstein law. A combination of licenses ensures it meets global KYC and AML standards. This allows us to offer crypto to fiat trading pairs and fiat cash outs.
Numerous cyber attacks take place daily against crypto companies and investors. Hackers around the world are dedicating themselves to stealing crypto.
Our platform was built from the ground up to be the most secure. Adara stores 80% of digital assets in offline, multi-signature wallets and uses machine learning to detect anomalous user behavior.
Technical performance
Many exchanges have a poor API that cannot meet the growing needs of a rapidly growing crypto exchange.
Our trading platform API can handle up to 10,000 transactions per second, opening up a wide range of trading opportunities for all types of traders.
In the current market buying and trading crypto assets is daunting and complex process and many exchanges fail to cater to beginners.
Our world class product development team has created a simple, easy to use interface that any «Main Street» investor can understand immediately.
Fully customizable interface
Choose your favorite trading pairs and the platform will sync your choices across pages
Adara library
The top crypto news stories, curated specifically for your portfolio
Space launch view
Save multiple desktop setups and switch between them with a single click
Basic & pro view
Choose how much detail you want to be shown, from just price to order books, volume and liquidity
Exchange features
AI trading bots
Use deep learning to profile and analyze every asset on the platform, gaining access to metrics about investment risk, price velocity and predictions scores.
Algorithmic indexes
Keep your portfolio pegged to a basket of cryptocurrencies automatically, following the Top 5, 10 or any mixture you want.
Follow & copy trade
Discover the best traders on the Adara exchange and get access to their trades immediately, or even automate your portfolio to copy every trade they make.
Summary information about the trading platform’s performance and strategies.
Algorithmic trading
Easy access to the best investment strategies, using our artificial intelligence system
Crypto wallet with AI‑driven investment mechanism
Adara offers an advanced technical and secure solution for storing crypto assets. Users can choose algorithmically-defined investment strategies to manage all of their funds.
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