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The future is coming to our doorstep. Fiat currency will no longer be able to exert an overwhelming influence on our lives, forcing us to fluctuate along with government and bank policies. Easy access to capital and the absence of intermediaries will lead to a new flourishing of small businesses, competition, and the emergence of new innovative products for a better life.
Together we will transition the current financial system into the new decentralized digital asset ecosystem. Together we will build Adara.
Our Team
The founding team of Adara has decades of experience building a wide range of consumer products and has deep expertise in the fin-tech space. Our developer team working on the platform has expertise ranging from security to machine learning.
Sten Laureyssens
Co-founder & Chairman
Active crypto-investor and trading expert
Ira Erokhina
COO & co-founder
Previously CEO of awarded best designed app in Russia & second best travel app of the year in 2015 & 2016, one of the best apps from Russia as awarded by Google
Olga Petrunina
CEO & co-founder
Previously CEO and Founder of several IT projects 5 investment rounds totalling $34M USD for both projects. Total valuation of projects of $300M USD. A pioneer in decentralized financial systems since 2011
Artem Taradash
CPO & co-founder
Previously Head of design and product of top Runet projects Winner of all possible awards for the best design and UX
Julia Sidorova
Lead Designer
Artem Magomaev
Product Designer
Kirill Kotov
Previously Head of development of high load IT projects PM of different blockchain projects
Sergei Gushchin
Head of Front-end
Max Zaytsev
Lead Front-end Developer
Mathias Beke
Head of Data Science
Ivan Novikov
Head of Security
Founder and CEO of Wallarm, AI-based cybersecurity startup backed by YCombinator. Awarded multiple bug bounties from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Nokia, and Yandex. Developing a machine learning-based attack detection algorithm to protect complex high-load Internet projects.
Samuel Mcculloch
Head of Trading division
Founder of Smarter Ledgers and Background an options and futures trading Advisor to RAWG, Signals, and Dragon
Jens Willemen
Value Engineer
Daan Van den Berg
Head of Algorithmic Trading
Gustavo Hess
OTC Manager
Grigoriy Trusov
Director of Administration
Sofia Paskal
Head of Community
Ivan Kharitonov
Community Manager